At the recent PLASA exhibition in London, England, two growing production companies from Scotland placed a joint order for 132 ADJ AV4IP LED video panels to allow them to cross-rent between each other to cover larger events. The sale was one of a number of significant orders taken by the ADJ during the successful three day show.

Sonus Events, based in Barrhead, and Nightflight, located in nearby East Kilbride, have a well-established relationship of working together. Not only do they sub-hire equipment to one another, they also share a similar pool of freelance crew and occasionally team up for particularly large events. The owners of each company, Sonus Events’ Alan Burns and Nightflight’s Ricky Smith, traveled together to this year’s PLASA show with the express intention of ordering an LED video screen system.

“We have known each other for a long time,” explains Ricky, “and work together closely, sharing both gear and crew. We each have our own client base, so we don’t see each other as competition but more as colleagues. Up until now both companies could offer the full production service of staging, rigging, lighting and PA, but we were having to sub in video. So now felt like the right time to invest in our own panels, and it made sense for us to both go for the same model so that we can sub-hire between us for larger events. It also means that the freelance crew who work for both companies will become familiar with the system using the same panels whichever company they are working for.”

Alan and Ricky met with ADJ UK’s Northern Sales Rep, Mike Latchford, to place their order and the three are pictured together above on ADJ’s PLASA stand. Between them Sonus Events and Nightflight have invested in 132 ADJ AV4IP LED panels, as well as three Novastar VX4s rack-mount video processors, 16 AV3FC road cases and all the necessary rigging bars and cables needed to get them straight out on events. This means they are latest in a large and growing list of production companies worldwide who stock the AV4IP as their LED video panel of choice.

The AV4IP is a high resolution video panel featuring RGB SMD1921 LEDs with a pixel pitch of 4.81mm. Offering 4000NITS of brightness and two LED modules per panel for easy serviceability, each panel contains 104 x 104 LEDs, which is equivalent to 43,264/m2. The panel has a wide viewing angle of 140-degrees as well as an IP65-rated front and IP54-rated back, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

“I have used ADJ equipment for long enough to know that it is not only good value but also offers excellent quality and reliability, so the decision to go with ADJ was fairly easy,” comments Alan. “We chose the AV4IP for a number of reasons. Firstly, Ricky does quite a lot of outdoor events, so the IP-rating was important and, as it’s designed for use outdoors, it’s brightness means that it will also really pack a punch when I use it for indoor dance shows. Secondly, the low weight [9kg per panel] was very important to us, for situations when rig loading is limited. Finally, the low pixel pitch means that we can use it on a wide range over events from award shows to live concerts to dance events.”

Sonus Events and Nightflight’s AV4IP order has already been dispatched and is ready for its first gig at Glasgow’s iconic Barrowlands music venue later this month.