When ADJ launched the AV Series a few years ago we disrupted the industry by making reliable LED video wall technology available to production companies, installers and mobile entertainers who previously would have found it way out of budget. Since then the AV Series has proved incredibly popular and has expanded to include a variety of panel options and a whole host of accessories. We’re now pleased to be able to introduce the latest addition to the range, the AV2 which offers our tightest pixel pitch so far.

Ideal for situations where a close audience viewing distance is required, the AV2 offers a high resolution video display with a pixel pitch of 2.97mm and a density of 168 x 168 (equivalent to 112,896 pixels per square meter). The panel utilizes a configuration of 3-in-1 RGB SMD2121 LEDs which generate an impressive overall brightness of 1000 NITS. It offers a wide horizontal viewing angle of 160° and a 60° vertical viewing angle, either up or down, at its minimum viewing distance which is just 9.75 ft. (2.97m).

To further aid with visibility, each panel can be curved by up to 5-degree in either a concave or convex shape. This means that LED video screens can be constructed that allow better viewing for audience members positioned to the side of a stage or to fit with the contours of a curved stage set or venue design.

As with other panel models in the AV Series, each AV2 unit is divided down into four mini modular panels, which allows for easy serviceability. This means that in the unlikely event that a pixel fault should occur only one of the four mini modules needs to be replaced and returned for repair, not the whole panel.

The AV2 panels are designed to be quick and easy to setup. They feature quick-locking connectors on the top edge and left side which easily secure to the matching holes on the bottom and right side of adjacent panels. This allows any size of video screen to be quickly constructed for temporary events, while the secure connections also make the AV2 suitable for fixed installations. Up to 15 AV2 panels may be hung vertically using the ADJ AV2RB rigging bar.

With a maximum power consumption of 115W per panel and an average consumption of just 35W per panel, the AV2 is economical to run when compared to other LED video systems. Each panel is fitted with a PowerCon input and output socket allowing the power supply for multiple panels to be linked together. Locking EtherCon input and output sockets are also provided for each panel, allowing the signal data to also daisy-chain across each panel that makes up a larger screen.

A Novastar A5s receiving card fitted into each panel handles the processing of the incoming video data. A choice of Novastar processors are then available, sold separately, which allow a standard video signal to be scaled across any configuration of AV2 panels and transmitted to the screens via Ethernet.

With compact dimensions of 19.75” x 19.75” x 3” / 500 x 500 x 73mm and a low weight of 17.64 lbs. / 8kg., the AV2 panels are easy and convenient to rig, transport and store. Each one is fitted with a useful retractable handle, which makes carrying panels easier both for installers and touring road crew. Built-in plastic corner protectors are also provided, which can easily fold out from the back of the panel to keep the corners safe from knocks during transportation.

To make it easy to take an AV2 system out on the road, we’re also launching a brand new road case specifically designed to store, transport and protect AV2 panels. The heavy-duty AV2FC flight case is constructed from 9mm plywood, reinforced with steel ball corners, and fitted with four carry handles and four swivel castors. Inside, the case is divided up into eight sections, each lined with foam and designed specifically to accommodate an AV2 panel.

Offering the highest resolution in the AV Series to date, the AV2 panels can be used to create video screens of any size that will engage audiences with vivid images that are both bright and crisp. Ideal for use by production companies on touring shows as well as on one-off events, the AV2 panels are quick to rig and convenient to store and transport. Their low minimum viewing distance, impressive image clarity and affordable price tag also means that they are perfect for permanent installation in a wide variety of venues from churches to entertainment centers to nightclubs.

If you want a modular LED video wall system that offers the reliability and ease of setup that have made the other AV Series models so popular but with a tight 2.97mm pixel pitch, the AV2 is the panel for you! ADJ offers complete custom “all-in-one” video panel packages from panels, rigging bars, cables, software and video processors.

The AV2 is available now from ADJ USA!

To learn more about the ADJ AV2, visit: http://www.adj.com/av2

To learn more about the ADJ AV2FC flight case, visit: http://www.adj.com/av2fc

To learn more about the ADJ AV2RB rigging bar, visit: http://www.adj.com/av2rb


Learn more about the AV2 in this product demo video: