November 2016

The holiday season is here, which means a busy time for many mobile entertainers and event production professionals. While the heart of this season never changes – friends and families coming together to celebrate – new technology means that there are now even more ways to create a festive atmosphere for holiday parties and events. Here’s 5 products I recommend to enhance any event during the holidays!

As we all know, a haze-filled venue is essential for the creation of an impressive lightshow. Beams and pattern projections that look great on their own are transformed to another level when the atmosphere is hazy. ADJ’s new Entourage pro-grade ‘faze’ machine is the perfect tool for filling even the largest of spaces with lightshow-

enhancing haze. A hybrid between conventional fog and haze machines, it uses inexpensive water-based fog fluid but disperses its output in a fine haze that quickly spreads over a wide area. Perfect for large mobile DJ setups, one-off events and touring productions, the Entourage is actually built inside a heavy-duty road case. This means that, wherever your holiday parties are taking place this season, the Entourage can be relied upon to deliver the 

atmosphere. To learn more about the Entourage, visit:

GOBO projections are a great way to transform a space for a celebration and ADJ’s Ikon Profile is a powerful and relatively inexpensive tool created specifically for this purpose. Powered by a 32W LED light source, it offers framing shutters as well as independent beam angle and focus control to allow you to project your chosen pattern at the exact size you require. Custom holiday GOBOs can be used, of course, but even the generic ones supplied with the unit could be used to enhance a festive atmosphere. The textured glass pattern is evocative of ice and snow, while the starry GOBO could be used to create the illusion of a night sky above the dancefloor. There are also multiple versions of the Ikon Profile available, offering features that may appeal for particular events. The Pearl model (Ikon Profile Pearl), for example, is cased in an attractive white shell, making it perfect for a winter wonderland theme. To learn more about the Ikon Profile, visit:

One of the big trends in event production over the past few years has been the use of CO2 to create intense jets of fog. But buying, storing, and transporting CO2 isn’t a practical option for many mobile entertainers and smaller production companies. Fortunately, ADJ’s Fog Fury Jett allows the same effect to be achieved in a much easier way. Using standard fog fluid, this innovative unit generates sudden, impactful, blasts of fog that can be positioned to shoot either vertically or horizontally. What’s more, it also incorporates twelve 3-Watt RGBA LEDs which surround the nozzle, allowing the columns of fog to be colored to create a wide variety of different looks. To learn more about the Fog Fury Jett, visit:

Laser effects are a great way to create a magical atmosphere, and ADJ’s popular Galaxian range offers affordable and effective fixtures ideal for adding interest to the floor, ceiling, and walls of a venue. The Micro Galaxian II, for example, features both red and green laser diodes which are positioned behind a diffraction grating to generate over 200 separate beams which spread out over a very wide area. These festive-colored laser dots then spin and dance in mesmerizing patterns injecting a venue with color, movement, and energy. To learn more about the Micro Galaxian II, visit:

Even though it’s perhaps a little predictable, there’s one effect that really symbolizes the festive season and that’s snow. Children of all ages can’t help becoming giddy at the sight of ‘the white stuff’ falling, especially when they’re indoors! ADJ’s compact and affordable VF Flurry is the perfect mobile snow machine, capable of spraying synthetic snow over a distance of between 2 and 5 meters. With a variable angle hanging bracket built-in, the unit can be hung from a truss or T-bar just like a lighting fixture and can then be angled so that its effect is projected over a crowd or stage. The actual ‘snow’ is a foam-like substance that is sprayed from the machine’s nozzle and then floats down in a blizzard of small snowflake-sized clumps. When it lands on the floor the ‘snow’ will soon ‘melt’, and then dry, leaving minimal residue. There’s nothing like snow to set the tone for a festive event, and the VF Flurry makes it an easy and inexpensive effect to create in any venue. To learn more about the VF Flurry, visit:

I hope that this article has given you a little inspiration for your festive events this holiday season. Of course, the ADJ range offers lots of other innovative and affordable lighting fixtures and effects equipment to help you create a magical atmosphere at your venues and events, both during the holidays and throughout the year. If there’s one that you’re particularly proud of, please get in touch with the details and send us photos to We always love to hear about the creative ways our users generate pure lighting excitement with ADJ products and we may even feature your rig or event in one of next year’s NewsWaves. Until then, happy holiday from all of us here at ADJ!

Alfred Gonzales is the National Sales Manager at ADJ USA