Want to create memorable, show-stopping lightshows that will turn your holiday events into crowd-pleasing occasions for all of your guests? Alfred Gonzales suggests five affordable ADJ products to help you make this holiday season one to remember.

Events during the holiday season aren’t just like any old parties. During this busy time of year people want to let their hair down, party with their friends and family, and have loads of great memories to take away from it. As I’m sure you don’t need to be told, a key element of creating a memorable event is the entertainment, whether it be a DJ, band, solo singer, comedian, magician or dance show. But while music – and audio in general – is of course incredibly important, an effective and attention-grabbing lightshow will also play a big part in the success of your event. You want to create a memorable, show-stopping display that takes the atmosphere to the next level!

What style of lighting you decide to use is up to you. And with ADJ’s wide array of versatile products, the possibilities are endless when it comes to producing an awesome holiday-season lightshow for your guests. While moving heads and laser-style scanners provide energy on the dance-floor during late-night parties and snow machines recreate realistic winter effects without the mess, you can cast seasonal symbols onto the walls using GOBO projectors and use pinspots to accent décor and event features in unique colors.

The real bonus here is that each of these adaptable game-changing effects is available at an affordable price, giving you the freedom to go big on lighting this holiday season without blowing your budget! So, without further ado, from the snow effects of the VF Flurry to the pocket-sized power of the Inno Pocket Spot, here are five products that will transform your holiday events for the best this winter:

1. Gobo Projector IR

Fitted with a bright 12W LED and offering high-quality optics for a clear powerful output, our new Gobo Projector IR lets you project a range of images onto walls, floors, ceilings and other surfaces. The real game-changer here is its easy-access GOBO replacement system, which lets you use the included patterns, or your own custom GOBOs, to easily project event-enhancing brand logos, seasonal messages and holiday symbols inside the venues you work. It doesn’t stop there, either. This versatile but affordable projector comes with four color gels, allowing you to create GOBO patterns in red, green, blue and yellow. The unit’s new IR-compatibility, meanwhile, ensures wireless control over key features, such as GOBO rotation, using the UC IR remote or the revolutionary Airstream IR App. Crack out the Christmas GOBOs – it’s party time!



2. VF Flurry

While GOBOs projected onto your scrim or down onto the dance-floor will seriously up the holiday vibe, there’s no denying the creative allure of the awesome VF Flurry! Boasting a spray distance of 2-5 meters and a 1-liter internal fluid tank, this adaptable, high-efficiency 600W snow machine lets you create a Winter Wonderland for your guests, producing a magical flow of water-based snow effects that will heighten the atmosphere of every party this holiday season. What’s more, thanks to the volume selection switch and wired remote, you can generate as much snow as you need and trigger the effects at the touch of a button, ensuring that you get things just right for your clients and guests. Everybody dreams of a white Christmas, so why not let it snow?



3. PinPoint Go Pak

The dance-floor is undoubtedly an important element of every holiday event, but that doesn’t mean you should lose focus of the sidelines! Tables, seating areas, architectural features and décor can all be highlighted and accented to bring the room to life and add to the festive atmosphere of a venue. And with this in mind, you’ll find the PinPoint Go Pak to be an invaluable tool in your lighting arsenal. Perfect for lighting users who want to spot multiple tables and unique event features in effective cool-white hues, this all-in-one kit includes four ADJ PinPoint Go pinspots and four power adaptors, as well as the UP3 wireless remote control and a padded case to carry it all in. The PinPoint Go itself is a battery-powered fixture fitted with a 3W cool-white LED and offering a concise 7-degree beam angle, allowing you to produce super-tight beams ideal for spotting tables and accenting walls!



4. Inno Pocket Spot

Looking for an affordable but highly effective way of kicking the party up a notch during your holiday season events? Well, our range of mobile moving heads are the ideal way to create excitement on the dance-floor! Leading the way by offering unrivaled portable power is the Inno Pocket Spot, which boasts a bright 12W LED source, impressive pan/tilt movement and a tight beam angle to offer you high-energy room-filling beam effects from one compact source. Furthering the Pocket Spot’s flexibility, ADJ has also fitted the fixture with 7 colors (plus white) and 7 fixed GOBOs (plus spot) across two separate wheels, sending distinctive GOBO patterns in a range of colors flying around the room and letting you enhance them with GOBO shake and scroll modes. Whether you go in-depth with DMX control or trigger automatic shows wirelessly using the new Airstream IR App, the Inno Pocket Spot gives you a multitude of ways to create pure lighting excitement for your audience this holiday season!



5. Micro Galaxian II

Moving heads are one thing, but to take your holiday parties out of this world and into another dimension you really need high-impact laser effects. What I love about our Micro Galaxian II is that its fast-moving red and green beams are perfect for bringing a festive touch to the occasion, without forsaking the energy and excitement offered by laser effects. Whether you’re projecting these effects onto the walls, ceiling or dance-floor, the Micro Galaxian ensures a truly astounding display, utilizing one 30mW (532nm) green laser and one 80mW (650nm) red laser to produce more than 200 powerful beams. Meanwhile, when it comes to control, features such as program speed, color change and rotation control can be adjusted using the included UC Laser IR remote or the wireless Airstream IR App, while Auto and Sound Active modes allow you to create awesome laser effects for your guests in no time! What’s more, the unit’s FDA standard compliancy means it’s safe to use, no matter what the venue.



Whatever type of lighting user you are and whichever venues you’ll be working at this holiday season, there are a wide range of versatile but budget-conscious ADJ lighting effects that can help transform your events from something ordinary into the most memorable party of the year! Covering all the elements that comprise the perfect party, any combination of these innovative moving heads, lasers, snow machines, GOBO effects and pinspots will revolutionize your events this holiday season. If you want to create an unforgettable Winter Wonderland for your guests, look no further than ADJ.

 Alfred Gonzales in the National Sales Manager for ADJ USA.