February 2017

Not too long ago, if you wanted to wash a stage or venue, project crisp GOBOs, and create mid-air beam effects with moving heads, you’d need to invest in separate fixtures for each purpose. Now, however, thanks to recent advances in technology and lighting innovation, hybrid fixtures are available that offer all three of these functions from a single unit. I want to dedicate this month’s Ask Alfred to this new breed of crossover moving head light, and explain the differences and similarities between ADJ’s two hybrid fixtures – the Vizi BSW 300 and Vizi Hybrid 16RX – to help you choose the right units for your particular needs.

First, let’s talk about hybrid moving heads in general, as this is a relatively new class of fixture to the worldwide lighting market. As I’ve already mentioned, these groundbreaking units combine all the functionality of regular spot, wash, and beam moving heads into one single fixture. This means that with the same unit you can achieve soft-edged washes of color for illuminating a stage or venue feature, sharply-focused GOBO projections, and super tight beams of light to create stunning mid-air effects. While a single hybrid fixture will cost more than a comparable spot, wash, or beam unit, it will cost much less than one of each of these individual fixtures combined. This means that utilizing hybrid units in a lighting system can actually prove very economical.
There are also plenty of other benefits to using hybrid moving heads. For touring productions and one-off events, there is only one fixture to load in and out, to provide the three different functions. This also means a reduction in transportation costs and that less space will be needed to store equipment between gigs. Also, for both touring systems and permanent lightshows, there’s a reduction in the amount of power required, not to mention less weight to rig, and fewer power and signal cables to run out.

Hybrid fixtures will be particularly appealing if you run a production company or rental house. You can stock 1/3 of the fixtures but still have the same number of wash, spot, and beam units available, with the same units fulfilling different roles depending on the requirements of a particular show or event.

So, it’s clear that hybrid moving heads offer many benefits for all kinds of professional lighting users. But what are the differences between the two hybrid fixtures currently available as part of the ADJ range, and which is most suitable for your specific needs?

Both the Vizi Hybrid 16RX and Vizi BSW 300 are high-powered hybrids. They each feature an internal Frost Filter for creating a soft wash beam, dual GOBO wheels (one fixed and one with interchangeable slots) for spot duties and beam reducers for creating extremely tight mid-air beam effects. Both are production-grade fixtures fitted with locking powerCON mains power inputs (only Vizi BSW 300 has a powerCON output) sockets, 3-pin and 5-pin XLR sockets, and large backlit LCD screens for mode selection and DMX addressing. The two models weigh almost exactly the same and also have very similar measurements, which means that both can be transported in the same purpose-built road case (DRC16RX). Offering professional features, including motorized focus, motorized zoom, two prisms, GOBO morphing, and GOBO indexing, the Vizi Hybrid 16RX and Vizi BSW 300 are both feature-packed and versatile units.

The Vizi Hybrid 16RX is powered by a revolutionary Philips® Platinum 16R discharge lamp, which gives it truly incredible brightness. This makes the fixture ideal for use in very large venues when extreme brightness is an essential requirement. It also offers an extended zoom range of 3 – 32-degrees as well as a unique prism layering feature that allows both its 8-facet circular and 6-facet linear prisms to be applied to the light beam simultaneously to create impressive and unusual projected effects.

The Vizi BSW 300, meanwhile, is one of the world’s first true hybrid moving head fixture powered by an LED light source. It’s specially designed 300W LED engine offers a tremendous light output, making this the brightest LED-powered moving head fixture in the ADJ range and – as far as I am aware – in the world. As the LED has an operating life in excess of 50,000 hours, there’s no risk of the lamp blowing mid-show and the task of changing the lamp is eliminated. This makes the Vizi BSW 300 ideal for permanent installation in nightclubs and houses of worship where minimal maintenance is often an important consideration. Also, among the Vizi BSW 300’s 14 colors, on two different wheels, is a CTC (5600K) ‘daylight’ filter, which is ideal for front lighting in videography, a CTO (3200K) tungsten ‘warm white’ filter for front lighting on stages, and a UV filter. This is another reason this fixture is likely to be on interest to houses of worship, as it is perfect for illuminating sermons that are filmed for transmission to satellite congregations or for broadcast online.

Both of these fixtures feature excellent optics and are loaded with professional features, making them ideal for a wide variety of lighting setups. The decision as to which one to choose for a particular application is a personal one, but whichever option you choose you’ll benefit from the many advantages of having one fixture that can interchangeably fulfil the roles of a spot, wash, and beam.

If you’d like to learn more about the Vizi Hybrid 16RX, Vizi BSW 300 and the DRC16RX road case, please visit these links:

Vizi Hybrid 16RX: http://www.adj.com/vizi-hybrid-16rx

Vizi BSW 300: http://www.adj.com/vizi-bsw-300

DRC16RX: http://www.adj.com/drc16rx

Alfred Gonzales is the National Sales Manager at ADJ USA.

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