December 2016

I’d like to start by wishing all our ADJ users and customers Happy Holidays, I hope that you’ve been able to enjoy some ‘down time’ with the ones you love over the holidays. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to relax a little following an extremely busy, but also incredibly rewarding, time over the past month. As part of our ADJ Road Tour series of Pop-Up Tradeshows, I visited no less than 21 ADJ dealers between November 29th and December 20th, demonstrating our latest products and meeting hundreds of ADJ users in person.

Our new Road Tour format – which saw ADJ host ‘mini’ open day events at two different locations within a city on the same day – proved to be a big success. It meant that if someone couldn’t make the afternoon session, they could join us in the evening, or the other way around. Each stop lasted for between three and four hours, which gave plenty of time for myself and other ADJ representatives to demonstrate our latest range of products. We also had the opportunity to meet with our users, answer their questions and receive valuable feedback.

The events attracted a wide variety of ADJ users, from mobile entertainers, through venue owners, to church techs, and staff from AV production companies. This reflected ADJ’s growing product range which now offers something to suit events and venues of all sizes. Everywhere we went we were met with intelligent questions and useful feedback, which reminded me once again of the passion our users have for what they do. Many people drove for three or four hours just to attend a tour stop, which was extremely gratifying and humbling.

Not only did the tour offer the chance for us to meet with our users, but also with lots of our dealers. As part of each stop, we were able to spend time explaining our new product range to the staff at each dealer’s facility, providing them with training so that they can better represent ADJ and serve their customers moving forward. We also used the opportunity to carry out product demonstrations comparing the brightness of our latest products with those of our competitors. This really allowed us to show the power of our new fixtures, as well as their value, as they consistently equaled, or even bettered, rival fixtures with higher price tags!

One of the key new fixtures that we were demonstrating was the Vizi BSW 300, ADJ’s most powerful LED moving head to date. As much as I write about, and talk about, how impressive this fixture is, it’s only when people get to see it in the flesh that they really appreciate what it’s capable of! We were also showing off ADJ’s new 7PZ IP, a heavy-duty LED par offering motorized zoom. With a metal casing that is IP-rated for outdoor use, this professional product is of particular interest to installation, rental and production companies working on outdoor events.

At the other end of the spectrum, we also took the new Stinger Star and Stinger GOBO lighting effects on tour with us. These innovative units are designed to make DJs’ lives easier, with each model packing three separate effects into one compact and affordable fixture. Another product that attracted a lot of attention from the mobile DJs who attended the tour stops was the Penta Pix. Although this is a more expensive fixture, it is also more advanced, with many DJs appreciating the powerful and sharply defined beams created by its five ACL lenses.

Based on the feedback I received from DJs who I met on the road, I envisage a pair of Penta Pix fixtures alongside a Stinger Star and Stinger GOBO could become a winning formula for mobile DJs. These four fixtures used together would create a truly exciting lightshow – incorporating beam, wash, laser, and GOBO effects – that would not only be economical, but very easy to store, transport and setup.

The Penta Pix wasn’t the only one of ADJ’s new professional-grade products that generated interest from mobile DJs. I’ve noticed a definite trend of DJs investing in more expensive products that will last longer, instead of cheaper units that will soon need replacing. A great example is the huge interest that we’ve had from mobile DJs in the tour-grade Entourage faze machine. The same is true of our Focus series, with many DJs choosing to invest in the step up to this range of moving heads so they can use these fixture’s advanced features to enhance their client’s events. The tour stops proved to be a perfect opportunity to demonstrate these advanced features – such as easy GOBO replacement, motorized focus, and GOBO indexing – and the huge benefits they offer for event lighting.

Aside from seeing the latest ADJ products in the flesh, and meeting with myself and the other ADJ representatives, the tour stops also proved to be great networking opportunities for visitors. All the stops had a positive atmosphere that led to lots of interesting discussions. Whether it was sharing ideas over coffee and donuts or creating new business contacts over soda and pizza, the tour proved to be an enjoyable and productive series of events for everyone who joined us. This was then amplified on social media, with a huge amount of online buzz created by every event.

All in all our Fall Road Tour was a resounding success. It was very well received by customers, dealers and ADJ reps alike, and I’m glad that we made the ambitious decision to hit as many stops as we did. I’m always excited when I get to meet ADJ users and show off our new products, so – following a short break for the holidays – I’m looking forward to getting back out to more events and trade shows in 2017. See you on the road!

Alfred Gonzales is the National Sales Manager for ADJ USA.

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