April 2017

This month I want to talk about the Startec Series. The Startec brand has actually been around for over 20 years, but just recently we’ve really started to expand its product range. That’s why I thought now would be a perfect time to use my regular Ask Alfred NewsWave article to explain the vision behind Startec and how it fits in with the rest of the ADJ line-up of lighting equipment.

The Startec brand was first introduced way back in the ‘90s with the popular Startec Scanners. Since then a number of different products have been released under this brand name and today there are around a dozen products in the range. But what is the difference between Startec fixtures and the rest of the ADJ product line-up? Well, as the ADJ brand continues to expand into the ‘middle market’ of the lighting industry – providing high quality fixtures that offer great value for clubs, churches, events, and tours – the Startec Series is our way of staying true to our roots as a supplier to mobile entertainers.

With a particular focus on affordability, as well as quality, and effectiveness, the Startec series is a collection of lighting fixtures specifically aimed at users who could be described as ‘weekend warriors’. We’re talking here about mobile DJs, karaoke hosts, cover bands, and wedding singers, hardworking entertainers who need low cost equipment that they can rely on week in and week out. The Startec series is also perfect for backyard boogies, picnics, smaller school dances and even installation in small clubs and bars. Based on those key principles of affordability, quality, and effectiveness, Startec fixtures make reliable, impressive effects available to lighting users with limited budgets.

A perfect example is the new Startec Stinger Spot*, ADJ’s most affordable moving head fixture to date. It offers impressive output, good build quality, and all the key features of a versatile moving head, without any extra ‘bells and whistles’. Powered by a bright 10-watt white LED paired with advanced optics, and featuring independent color and GOBO wheels together with fast and smooth movements, the Startec Stinger Spot is the perfect entry point into the world of moving head lighting.

Other recent additions to the Startec range include the new Boom Box FX1 and Boom Box FX2. Each of these compact and affordable fixtures combine four separate lighting effects into one single easy to setup unit. These innovative products demonstrate another key ethos of the Startec series, which is a desire to make life easier for entertainers on the road. All of the Startec fixtures are designed to be easily portable, while many of the units incorporate more than one effect to help reduce setup times by minimizing the number of power and DMX cables required to connect together a mobile lightshow.

Other products in the Startec range include the Stinger, Stinger II, Mini Dekker, Mini Dekker LZR, Starburst, and Jelly Gressor, all of which offer impressive effects and solid build quality at an affordable price. As technology and trends continue to develop, we’ll keep adding new products to the line-up, but always with those core values at the heart of the design process.

So, hopefully, this article has given you a clear picture of what the Startec series is, and where it sits within ADJ’s larger range of lighting fixtures. Now, when you see the Startec logo you’ll know that it denotes a product that is compact, reliable, effective, and – most importantly – affordable.

- Alfred Gonzales is the Sales Manager of ADJ USA

Learn more about each fixture in the Startec Series:

Stinger Spot: http://www.adj.com/stinger-spot

Boom Box FX1: http://www.adj.com/boom-box-fx1

Boom Box FX2: http://www.adj.com/boom-box-fx2

Stinger: http://www.adj.com/stinger

Stinger II: http://www.adj.com/stinger-ii

Mini Dekker: http://www.adj.com/mini-dekker

Mini Dekker LZR: http://www.adj.com/mini-dekker-lzr

Starburst: http://www.adj.com/starburst

Jelly Gressor: http://www.adj.com/jelly-gressor

* The Stinger Spot is only available from ADJ USA and ADJ Mexico. It will not be available from ADJ Europe.