There’s just something about laser effects that make them stand out as uniquely different. Their intense beams add energy to a room like nothing else can, so it’s no wonder that many mobile DJs and venues aspire to have laser effects as part of their lightshow. If you’re looking to enhance your lighting display with affordable laser effects then ADJ’s new Ani-Motion may be just what you’re looking for.

Ani-Motion At A Glance:

• Mini laser that projects red and green geometric patterns

• 36 dynamic patterns and 22 static effects

•  Includes UC Laser IR Wireless Remote Control

The Ani-Motion is a multi-color laser projector designed for mobile entertainers, small clubs and bars, entertainment centers and even home use. Featuring a compact casing design, the unit offers 36 dynamic animated geometric patterns as well as 22 static effects which are projected though a diffraction grating to create a wide spread of countless separate laser projections. The unit’s patterns include simple dots and lines that are ideal for creating mid-air beam effects in a hazy environment as well as more complicated shapes, such as dots, stars, circles, spirals and squares that are suitable for adding interest to venue walls, ceilings and floors.

Powered by an 80mW (650nm) red laser diode paired with a 30mW (532nm) green laser diode, the Ani-Motion is capable of projecting its varied selection of animated and static patterns in a choice of green, red or a combination of the two. Due to the fact that the human eye is more receptive to green laser light than red, the higher power red diode has been carefully matched to the lower power green in order to ensure that both colors of beam look equally matched when the Ani-Motion is in action.

With its winning combination of potent laser diodes, detailed animated patterns and wide diffraction grating, the Ani-Motion is capable of generating impactful laser effects that create real wow-factor. Projected out at an audience in a hazy atmosphere, the fast-moving beams of red and green create a mesmerizing mid-air display. Meanwhile, even without haze, projecting the unit’s intricate geometric patterns up on a venue’s ceiling or down onto its dancefloor can be equally effective.

Offering simple plug-and-play operation, the Ani-Motion can be set to cycle through its variety of pre-programmed patterns either in Auto Mode – at a speed of your choice – or in Sound Active mode – triggered by the beat of the music detected by an in-built microphone. The unit is also supplied – as standard – with a UC Laser IR wireless remote control. This can be used to black out the effect, choose any of the static or animated patterns, and to select between red, green or combined laser effects. The UC Laser IR can also be used to remotely select Auto Mode or Sound Active mode operation and to select the speed for Auto Mode.

The Ani-Motion is a versatile fixture that is supplied with a dual bracket yoke. The two brackets can easily be locked into place folded together to allow the unit to hang from a T-bar or attach to a clamp for truss mounting. The two brackets can also slide apart and lock into place to create a variable angle floor stand which allows the laser effect to be projected up at the ceiling.

The fan-cooled unit has no duty cycle, so can run continuously for as long as you need it to. It also fully complies with all FDA standards for lasers, so you can rest assured that the effect is completely safe to use as a part of your lightshow, whether it’s permanently installed in a venue or you take it out on the road.

Despite producing impressive, powerful effects, the Ani-Motion is incredibly lightweight and compact, making it ideal for fixed installations where space is tight or for use as part of a mobile lightshow. It weighs just 2.6 lbs. / 1.2 kg. and measures 6.75” x 7.75” x 6.5” / 172mm x 198mm x 167mm (LxWxH) but, despite its small size and low weight, it is robustly constructed with an elegant curved casing design.

With multi-colored beams, a wide variety of both animated and fixed patterns, a diffraction grating to create a wide-spread effect and an included infrared remote, this new product is an effective and affordable way to enhance your lightshow with laser effects. Bring pure lighting excitement to any party with the impressive Ani-Motion from ADJ.

The An-Motion is expected to arrive in November 2016.

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