Offering the perfect opportunity for kids to have fun and let off steam, the worldwide rise in popularity of jump parks is showing no signs of slowing down. One of the global leaders in this industry is Altitude, which operates parks across three continents in cities around the world. Many of the company’s parks feature ADJ lighting to add further color, excitement and atmosphere. This includes the recently-opened ‘flagship’ location in Fort Worth, TX, which features a total of 220 ADJ fixtures.

With a mixture of company-owned and franchised locations, Altitude operates from corporate headquarters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This means that the large Fort Worth park serves as a ‘flagship’ site, allowing new franchisees visiting the company’s offices to see a successful large-scale park in action. As with most jump parks, lighting plays a very important part in creating the atmosphere inside all Altitude venues, and the Fort Worth location is no exception.

ADJ dealer and equipment installer Studio Light and Sound, owned and managed by Gregg Sanford, has the contract to exclusively supply all Altitude locations [read about a previous Altitude install here]. Although his company also works in bars, nightclubs and other leisure venues, Gregg has found a niche in the trampoline park market. Over time he has learnt which fixtures work best in this type of facility as well as how to most effectively deploy them to create the best possible atmosphere for enhancing the jump park experience.

Altitude Jump Park in Fort Worth, Texas

Describing the Fort Worth location, Gregg says, “This is a gorgeous park, and I’m very proud of the work we did on it. It’s where they take everyone, from all over the world, who want to open an Altitude Park. That’s because it has the best lighting package, the best audio package and the newest features for any trampoline park.”

Not only is the Fort Worth park packed with trampolines, it also features a wide variety of other features and activities to keep guests engaged and entertained. These include a foam pit, ‘extreme’ dodgeball court, motorized ‘wipeout’ beam, trampoline basketball and a climbing wall. Lighting is used throughout the park to add to the excitement with UV effects, vibrant color washes and dynamic moving beams.

However, the visual impact created by Gregg’s lighting installation hits visitors before they even walk through the doors. He has installed 48 of ADJ’s UB 12H LED battens in an alcove that runs all the way across the front and part way down each side of the distinctive building that was originally built as a cinema. Each featuring twelve 6-Watt HEX LEDs, the UB 12H bars dramatically illuminate the outside of the building. The fixtures are controlled via DMX from an ADJ myDMX RM, which Gregg has programmed to provide the venue’s manager with easy access to a variety of different looks. These include both static and animated scenes featuring the Altitude colors of purple, orange and blue, as well as various special event options including the local high school and college colors, pink for breast cancer awareness, and red, white and blue for the 4th of July.

Altitude Jump Park in Fort Worth, Texas

“The park is located off the main road by about half a mile, behind a shopping center,” explains Gregg. “So at night people would struggle to find it without exterior illumination. But, with the UB 12Hs lit up, you can see it shining brightly from the freeway. Whenever the owners or staff are giving people directions to the park, they just say ‘look for the lights’. The outside of the building really does look good, and it sets the tone for what people can expect when they get inside.”

As with all of the Altitude parks that Gregg and his team have worked on, the first thing that visitors see when they enter the premises is the Altitude logo projected from an ADJ Ikon IR GOBO projector. This powerful fixture makes use of a brilliantly bright 80W white LED engine and a crisp optical system to create striking static or rotating GOBO projections. Meanwhile, the reception counters that fill the entrance area are washed in a cool blue light using ADJ Mega HEX Pars, which is one of the types of fixture that Gregg puts to use regularly throughout all of his installs.

“I love the Mega Hex Pars and we sell a ton of them,” he enthuses. “They are incredibly good value, really the best price point of a fixture of that class, and also offer really good coverage. The beam is a nice even wash with no hot spots and the color mixing is fantastic, the UV element really makes the colors pop. They are also very versatile fixtures, which means we can use them all over the jump parks.”

To add further interest in the entrance area, Gregg also installed a single ADJ Revo 4 IR pointing down onto the floor in front of the counter. This unique fixture projects a matrix grid of 256 colored dots, each generated by an individual red, green or blue LED. Each LED can be controlled independently via DMX, while the unit is supplied with a wide variety of pre-programmed animated patterns. This makes it ideal for creating mesmerizing effects projected onto the wall, ceiling or floor of a venue.

Having previously been used as a cinema, the building now home to Altitude Fort Worth was already fitted with an extensive mezzanine, which housed the movie projectors during its previous life. The owners of the new jump park utilized this second floor to create a viewing area that allows parents to get a bird’s eye view of the action downstairs. The park is divided into four quadrants, with the mezzanine running all the way around creating a central octagon-shaped space in the middle of the venue.

This central space serves as a dancefloor for the weekly ‘teen night’ sessions and can also be rented out to host private events such as dinners and school dances. In this area Gregg and his team installed full nightclub-style lighting, utilizing a selection of different ADJ fixtures. Inno Pocket Z4 compact moving head washes are positioned in the middle of four sides of the octagon, while Sweeper Beam Quad LED units sit centrally on the remaining four sides. These distinctive fixtures feature eight narrow beams, each powered by a single 8-Watt RGBW LED, mounted on a motorized quick-sweeping batten.

Altitude Jump Park in Fort Worth, Texas

Hung from the ceiling in the center of the octagonal space is one of ADJ’s M4040 40” mirrorballs, which serves as Gregg’s signature piece for all of his jump park installs. This is illuminated from four sides by ADJ Saber Spot RGBW LED pinspot fixtures. Powered by a 15-Watt quad color LED, focused through an ACL lens into a razor sharp 4-degree beam, these are ideal fixtures for lighting a mirrorball. The result at Altitude Fort Worth is stunning, with thousands of crisp beams of light filling the whole central dancefloor area. In addition, another Ikon IR GOBO projector is used in this space to project the Altitude logo on the floor in the center of the octagon.

“I used the widest of the three lenses that come with the unit (43-degrees) and the logo fills the space, it’s like 20 feet across, but still super bright and sharp. There really is no better GOBO projector out there for this kind of application – trust me, I’ve looked! It’s crystal clear white and incredibly powerful, I’ve put the tightest lens on one (25-degrees) and shined it 150 feet across a park and the projection was perfect.”

UV plays a big part in creating the atmosphere throughout the whole building as many of the trampolines and other pieces of equipment are decorated in fluorescent paint. To cause this to really pop, as well as to make guests’ clothing glow, the Studio Light and Sound team have filled the space with 38 of ADJ’s ECO UV Bar Plus IR blacklight bar fixtures. Each 1m (39.5”) bar packs in 18 x 3-Watt UV LEDs, providing a beam angle of 120-degrees for coverage of a large area.

Altitude Jump Park in Fort Worth, Texas

As with all of the trampoline parks that Gregg works on, he recommended to the park owners that the ceiling be painted white so that he could use lighting fixtures to illuminate it with vibrant colors. In the past Gregg used LED pars to light the ceilings on his trampoline park installs, which would have involved 100+ fixtures for a park of this size. However, prior to carrying out this install he discovered ADJ’s COB Cannon Wash, which he found could cover a much wider area from a single fixture. Harnessing the power of a potent 150-Watt COB (Chip On Board) LED, this powerhouse fixture generates a wide 80-degree wash of colored light (although it is supplied with lens kits that can reduce the beam down to 40 or 50-degrees if required). For this Altitude park Gregg and his team used 20 fixtures, mounted part way up the roof support pillars found throughout the building, pointing upwards. This was enough to fill the 46,000 sq. ft. of ceiling space with vibrant color washes. In addition, Gregg and his team also installed Mega Hex Pars in a variety of other locations to illuminate specific features and areas under the mezzanine ceiling.

Altitude Jump Park in Fort Worth, Texas

To add further to the exciting atmosphere of the park, Gregg and his team also installed a variety of beam lighting effect fixtures at strategic locations throughout the ceiling, pointing down onto the various trampolines and other features. These included eight of ADJ’s unique XS 600 moving head beam fixtures. These distinctive units feature two independently rotating heads, each with three separate lenses projecting a razor sharp beam of colored light, mounted to a yoke that offers 360-degree continuous rotation. This arrangement allows the six beams, each powered by a 10W RGBW LED, to move and spin in a way that covers a whole room.

Other fixtures used throughout the park include Pocket Pros, Jelly Domes, Startec Contours, Startec Mini Dekkers and Startec Stinger Stars. In addition, Gregg and his team have kitted out each of the four private party rooms at the park with an ECO UV Bar Plus IR and a multi-effect Startec Stinger Star. Ideal for singlehandedly filling a small-medium-sized room with color and movement, this 3-in-1 fixture features an LED color wash, party dome moonflower and red + green laser effect, all in one compact unit.

Studio Light and Sound was also responsible for installing the audio system in the park, providing a zone-controlled setup that allows the volume to be altered across each quadrant at different times of the day. Having previously used active speakers from another well-known manufacturer for all of his installs, Gregg discovered ADJ’s sister brand Avante Audio at the InfoComm 2019 tradeshow. Although most of the Altitude Forth Worth system had already been specified and ordered by this point, when the management wanted to add an extra audio zone Gregg decided to try the Avante Audio A15.

“I have to say I was very impressed with the Avante Audio A15,” comments Gregg. “The sound is well-rounded, with good clarity on the high and midrange, together with a nice throaty low end. The price point is exceptionally competitive, coming in at almost half what I was paying for a 12” from the brand I used before. This means that I can specify more speakers in these large parks, so that the sound is better distributed. Also, being a 15” cabinet, the low end is really impressive, meaning that separate subs are often not needed for this type of application. Another advantage of using Avante Audio is that I can combine them with my ADJ orders, consolidating shipments and making life easier as I’m only dealing with one supplier for all of my lighting and audio equipment.”

Altitude’s Forth Worth location not only provides the perfect showcase of their market-leading jump park concept, but it also demonstrates the potential of ADJ lighting to enhance the atmosphere of a leisure facility with vibrant colors, energetic movement and crisp GOBO projections. If there’s one in your area, why not take the family? Trampoline parks are great fun, good exercise and, if you look up, you’ll likely find ADJ fixtures delivering the pure lighting excitement!


Altitude Trampoline Park
4728 Bryant Irvin Rd
Fort Worth, TX 76132

Installation Company / ADJ Dealer
Studio Light and Sound

Gregg Sanford

Gear List
48 x UB 12H
1 x myDMX RM
2 x Ikon IR
1 x M4040 40” mirror ball
4 x Saber Spot RGBW
4 x Inno Pocket Z4
4 x Sweeper Beam Quad LED
60 x Mega Hex Par
1 x Revo 4 IR
1 x Jelly Dome
20 x COB Cannon Wash
38 x ECO UV Bar Plus IR
8 x XS 600
4 x Pocket Pro
10 x Startec Stinger Star
6 x Startec Contour
4 x Startec Mini Dekker
4 x Avante Audio A15