What would we do without our smartphones? These days there’s an App for everything, right? Whether it’s updating your social media feed, finding directions to a gig or checking your calendar, you can do it all with a tap of your finger. So we thought that why should turning on and off your lighting effects be any different? Enter the ADJ Airstream WIFI Pack.

Controlled by a free to download App for iOS (iPad and iPhone), the Airstream Wifi Pack is an eight-channel switch pack. Perfect for mobile DJs and entertainers as well as small venues and installers, this innovative piece of equipment allows the power supply to lighting effects and other equipment to be switched on and off remotely by the tap of an iPad or iPhone screen from anywhere in a room.

The pack itself has a simple design featuring a WIFI antenna, an on/off switch, a power indicator LED, a Master/Slave switch and eight Edison output sockets. Each of these outputs can be connected to equipment drawing a maximum 960W of power, while the overall power rating for the unit is 1,800W. For larger setups, multiple Airstream WIFI Packs can be used together, linked wirelessly for Master/Slave operation.

What really makes this new switch pack concept stand out is the intuitive control App, which allows the equipment connected to the pack to be turned on and off remotely at the tap of a finger. The first thing to note is that a wireless network is created directly between your iOS device and the Airstream pack, which means there is no need to access a venue’s WIFI system or to carry a router or any other additional hardware. This private network is passcode protected, runs on the 2.4 GHz DSSS wireless frequency and will coexist in busy RF environments alongside technologies such as Bluetooth and other WIFI networks.

Not only does the control app allow the pack to be operated remotely, with large buttons for each of the eight output channels, these buttons can be customized to your particular lighting setup. The button labels, which as default match the letters A – H printed next to each of the output sockets on the switch pack itself, can be altered to your own desired text. So you could label the buttons with the product names of the equipment you are using and even their location on your rig or in your venue. What’s more, you can even use your iOS device’s camera to take a photo of each piece of equipment to show visually what each button is setup to control.

While remote switching of lighting and other equipment is sure to prove useful in a number of situations, the Airstream WIFI Pack’s control App is capable of much more. It features a programmable timer that allows automatic on/off operation. Using the App’s straight-forward interface it is possible to easily select any combination of the eight outputs and program them to turn on or off at specific times of the day and even on different days of the week.

This means that the Airstream WIFI Pack is perfect for a variety of different purposes, including retail displays. For shop window features, lighting equipment could be programmed to switch on at dusk and then switch off late at night; equally special effect equipment could be programmed to turn on and off for short bursts at regular intervals throughout a store’s opening hours.

The Airstream WIFI Pack is also perfect for use in multi-purpose venues when different lighting and effects equipment are required at different times of the day. For example, in a lounge/club, atmospheric lighting could be programmed to turn on early evening, with energetic dance-inducing effects introduced later in the night, and everything set to turn off at closing. The times for these transitions can also be varied between days of the week, allowing for closed days and extended weekend opening hours to be taken into account. This automation is a simple, but reliable, way to remove a task from busy staff and to ensure those all-important atmosphere-enhancing lights come on right on time and are never neglected.

Owners and managers of such venues, as well as equipment installers, will be pleased to know that the Airstream WIFI Pack has a built-in memory, which means that once it has been programmed the iOS device does not need to remain connected for scheduled programs to run. This means that a system can be setup and then left to run, week-in and week-out, without any need for staff involvement and without the risk of accidental changes being made.

If you are a mobile DJ or entertainer looking for a flexible way to control multiple standalone lighting fixtures from your booth, or anywhere else in a venue, the forward-thinking ADJ Airstream WIFI Pack is the perfect solution. Likewise, if you play in a band and want to be able to switch on and off lighting effects while performing, this innovative system allows it to be done wirelessly from your phone or tablet. Finally, it’s programmable capabilities make this innovative piece of equipment ideal for permanent installation in a wide-variety of situations.

The Airstream Wifi Pack continues ADJ’s mission to provide useful and useable solutions to lighting users that make the most of modern technology and offer features that make life easier. Now, even when it comes to turning on and off your effect lights, there’s an App for that!

The Airstream WIFI Pack will be available May 2017.

To Download the Airstream Wifi App from the App Store, CLICK HERE

To learn more about the ADJ Airstream Wifi Pack, visit: http://www.adj.com/airstream-wifi-pack


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