If you’re looking for an affordable laser fixture to set your mobile lightshow or venue apart from the crowd, look no further than ADJ’s new Micro Royal Galaxian II. It creates a blaze of spinning blue and red laser dots that spread out over a large area, perfect for filling walls, ceilings, or dance floors with energizing color and movement controlled by the supplied wireless infrared remote.

Building on the success of the Micro Royal Galaxian, the new mark II version is supplied as standard with an advanced IR 

remote in place of the simple RF version that shipped with the original product. This new remote offers control from a greater distance away from the fixture as well as more buttons that allow intuitive control of each of the effects various features. The Micro Royal Galaxian II also sports a new sleek casing design as well as an even more affordable price tag, making it the perfect laser effect for mobile entertainers, small clubs and bars, bowling centers and roller rinks.

Powered by an 80mW red diode and a 60mW blue diode, the compact Micro Royal Galaxian II is really two laser effects rolled into one. There are two apertures on the front of the fixture, one for the red diode and one for the blue. Behind each of these apertures is a moving diffraction grating which splits the single beam from the laser diode into a myriad of separate rotating beams which spread out over a wide area. Both the red and blue laser effects can be used on their own, while the two can also be combined to create mesmerizing twin-color effects. This laser effect is safe as it is approved by the U.S. FDA. There is no need for a variance to operate this laser effect.
The Micro Royal Galaxian II has an extremely compact case design, which measures 5” x 6.75” x 5” / 130 x 172 x 130mm (LxWxH). It is also very light, weighing just 2 lbs. / 8 kg. This means that the fixture is ideal for use as part of a mobile lightshow, or for permanent installation in venues with low ceilings. Also, despite its small dimensions and low weight, the unit is robustly constructed with a metal casing and a sturdy mounting bracket.

This bracket has a versatile dual yoke design, which means that it can be used either to hang the fixture or to allow it to sit directly on the floor or 

another surface – for example a speaker – pointing upwards at the ceiling of a venue. When the two parts of the yoke are 

folded together they create a single variable-angled hanging bracket which can be attached directly to a T-bar stand or connected to a clamp for use with a truss system. When the two parts are pulled apart, they can be formed into a floor stand allowing the unit’s effect to be projected upwards at any angle. In both situations, large plastic thumbscrews on either side of the bracket allow it to be securely locked into place.

The Micro Royal Galaxian II is easy to use – just plug it in and run the laser’s built-in lighting 

programs in Auto or Sound Active mode. However, if you’d prefer to have a little more control, the UC LASER IR wireless remote, which is included as standard, can be used. This remote allows switching between red, blue and combined laser effects as well as control of the speed and direction of the rotation effect.

Running from an included 9V DC power supply, the unit is fan-cooled meaning that it can run continuously for as long as you need it to. It is also safe to use in any situation, complying fully to the relevant FDA standards.

Producing more than 200 spinning beams of laser light, the Micro Royal Galaxian II is a room-filling effect perfect for injecting a dance floor with energy or adding interest to the walls and ceiling of a venue. With its regal mixture of red and blue laser diodes, tough outer shell, flexible hanging bracket and useful IR remote, it is the perfect fixture for creating a party atmosphere fit for royalty!

The Micro Royal Galaxian II is available now from ADJ USA.
For more info on the Micro Royal Galaxian II, visit http://www.adj.com/micro-royal-galaxian-ii

Check out the Micro Royal Galaxian II product demo video: