Circolo is a new nightclub in the picturesque lake-side resort town of Valle De Bravo in Mexico. The club fuses classic design elements with modern technology, which includes an all-LED lighting rig comprised exclusively of ADJ and Elation Professional fixtures.


Circolo is the Italian word for ‘circle’ and it was chosen specifically to embody the concept for this new venue. The club is intended to be a luxurious and welcoming space where all patrons become part of one inclusive circle of friends. Conceptual designer, Juan Hernandez, achieved this by creating an interior that combines rustic design features, such as exposed wooden beams and chandeliers, with clean lines and modern technology to create an elegant, contemporary and inviting space.

Located in a shopping mall, Circolo is an intimate venue with a capacity of 300. It caters to tourists visiting Valle de Bravo and offers a relaxed, ambient atmosphere intended to allow guests to enjoy specialty cocktails and a soundtrack of the latest EDM music. The club is divided into two areas: an inside space and outside terrace, both of which have their own bar.

Edson Rivera, the owner of well-established Mexican audio, lighting and video distribution company Adimsa, was responsible for specifying and installing the club’s lighting system. He chose a selection of fixtures from ADJ’s range as well as products from ADJ’s sister company, Elation Professional. When we asked why he chose ADJ and Elation Edson enthused that is was “because of their innovative products, great customer support and reliable warranty”.

The main club has a rectangular layout, with a feature bar in the center of one of the longer sides and the DJ booth located opposite it on the other longer wall. The small, but perfectly formed, dancefloor is positioned in between, with tall tables surrounded by stools positioned to either side of it. The inside space is completed by VIP booths positioned at either side of the bar and regular booths located to each side of the DJ booth. The outdoor terrace provides further seating areas as well as the opportunity for guests to smoke, which isn’t allowed inside the venue.

To provide energy on the dancefloor, Adimsa surrounded it on three sides with ADJ Event Bar DMX fixtures. Each of these combines four independent X/Y scanning pin spots into one single convenient unit. At Circolo, a total of 12 Event Bar DMX fixtures are used to generate 48 piercing white beams that sweep across the venue from all sides to highlight the dancefloor and create striking mid-air effects.

The lightshow is augmented by further moving head fixtures in the form of eight ADJ Inno Color Beam Quad7s and eight ADJ Vizi Spot LED Pros. The Inno Color Beam Quad7s bathe the dancefloor with broad beams of moving light, generated by their seven individually-controllable RGBW Cree LEDs. The Vizi Spot LED Pros, meanwhile, project colored GOBO patterns onto the dancefloor - as well as the walls of the venue – with the 3-facet prism feature used to triple the number of patterns that can be projected.

The atmosphere of the venue is further enhanced by no less than 24 Elation Pixel Bar 40 fixtures that are arranged in lines along the sloping ceiling above the dancefloor. These have been incorporated with the ADJ fixtures to create a stunning lightshow by Adimsa’s lighting designer, Cesar Esquiel. Cesar used Elation’s Compu Cue software to program a show that makes full use of all of the venue’s fixtures to complement the music played by Circolo’s DJs.

To further enhance the ambiance of the club, Adimsa also installed 20 meters of Elation’s Flex LED tape. This RGB LED tape was integrated into the overall lighting system through the use of 20 Elation Flex Pixel Driver 1s, which allow the color changing tape to be controlled by the Compu Cue software and included in Cesar’s lighting programs.

The Flex LED tape has been applied in strips behind opaque Perspex panels located in the front of both bars as well as the DJ booth. This adds to the ambiance of the club, while also drawing attention to these venue features. Further Flex LED tape has also been applied around alcoves at the back of the bar, which are used to store and showcase liquor bottles. This enhances the visual appeal of the bar, while highlighting the availability of the venue’s signature cocktails.

Being a relatively small venue, the budget for Circolo’s lighting system was lower than that of many of the projects undertaken by Adimsa. However, thanks to the great value offered by ADJ products, Edson was able to specify a system that met with Juan’s vision for the club and perfectly suited the available space, while still coming in on budget.

The combination of Juan’s creative vision; Edson and his team’s technical knowledge; as well as ADJ and Elation’s innovative, reliable and affordable lighting products have proved to be a winning formula for Circolo. It has helped to establish the venue as a popular spot for tourists to let their hair down, enjoy cocktails and dance the night away. What’s more, the use of only LED-powered fixtures has helped to keep the venue’s energy bills down, giving Circolo’s management another reason to smile!

Venue: Circolo Nightclub (Valle De Bravo, Mexico)

Installer / ADJ Dealer: Edson Rivera (Adimsa, Mexico)

Conceptual Designer: Juan Hernandez

Lighting Designer: Cesar Esquiel

ADJ Gear List:

8 x ADJ Inno Color Beam Quad7

8 x ADJ Vizi Spot LED

12 x ADJ Event Bar DMX

25 x ADJ Narrow Clamps

24 x Elation Pixel Bar 40

20M Elation Flex LED Tape

20 x Elation Flex Pixel Driver 1

2 x Elation Opto Branch 4

1 x Elation Enode8 Pro

1 x Elation Compu Cue Software

1 x Antari Z-1200 II Fog Machine