ADJ’s 32 HEX Panel IP LED panel and Inno Color Beam Z19 moving head fixtures featured prominently in the lighting rig for the CHASE SOUND CHECK – Concerts at the US Open – a series hosted by the USTA as part of their annual US Open Fan Week. These potent luminaires bathed both the stage and crowd in richly-saturated color as headline acts LANY and Leon Bridges performed under a rig conceived by acclaimed lighting designer Christien Methot.

Ahead of this year’s US Open, the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, New York, opened its doors for an expanded annual Fan Week. Offering tennis enthusiasts the opportunity to see exhibition matches, big names warming up ahead of the all-important Grand Slam and up-and-coming players competing in the Qualifying Tournament, this free event attracted tennis fans from across the city and even further afield. Extending the event into the evening, for 2019 the USTA collaborated with longtime partner CHASE to introduce the CHASE SOUND CHECK – Concert at the US Open – a series of three free concerts. This gave music fans the opportunity to enjoy live performances from popular indie rock band LANY and Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and performer, Leon Bridges following the daytime activities of fan week. Also scheduled to perform was country music star Brett Eldredge, whose performance was cancelled due to weather.


Christien Methot has served as Lighting Designer for US Open entertainment programming for the past seven years, working under the direction of the USTA’s Executive Producer/GM of Entertainment, Michael Fiur (Fiur Productions) and the USTA’s longtime producing partner Overland Entertainment, headed by President Leane Romeo. Christien’s past work designing the lighting for the prestigious opening ceremony in the main stadium made him the obvious choice for lighting the Fan Week Center Stage, which not only hosted the CHASE SOUND CHECK concerts but also various daytime presentations including local performers and ceremonies related to the competition.

The lighting for the stage was supplied by Christien’s company, design one lighting design, and comprised exclusively fixtures from ADJ and sister company Elation Professional. To serve as audience blinders, Christien selected ADJ’s new 32 HEX Panel IP fixtures, which were also used to backlight the bands on stage.

A multi-function wash / blinder / strobe fixture, the 32 HEX Panel IP features 32 x 12W HEX (RGBWA+UV) LEDs. With a robust all-metal housing, the unit is IP65-rated and therefore protected from dust, sand, moisture and liquids. It offers a 24-degree beam angle but is supplied with a removable magnetic diffuser frame, which can be use to widen the beam angle using the included diffusion filter.

“We’ve recently invested in half a dozen 32 HEX Panel IP units and they are great, bright, fun fixtures that really energized the space,” comments Christien. “Using the hi-res mode we were able to control eight separate groups of LEDs on each panel and program some really nice color chases running across all four fixtures, as well as using them for blinder and strobe effects.”


The rig’s main wash fixture was ADJ’s Inno Color Beam Z19. Lines of these units were rigged to two separate trusses, one positioned at the back of the stage and the other above the performance space. In addition, further fixtures stood on the floor at either side of the stage, ensuring the performers could be washes from every angle.

A versatile moving head luminaire, the Inno Color Beam Z19 is powered by 19 x 10W RGBW quad color Osram LEDs. It offers motorized variable zoom for a beam angle of between 10 and 60-degrees, meaning that it can be used to generate both wide washes and tight mid-air beam effects. Made from the highest quality components, it is designed to be a professional lighting tool for both temporary event production and permanent installations.

“We’ve owned the Inno Color Beam Z19s quite a while now and have found them to be great workhorses that are really reliable,” confirms Christien. “They are solid performers that are bright and offer really good color mixing and simply do what you need them to do. On this production we used them to wash the stage, activate the backdrop and also to punch color through the band out into the audience.”


Thanks to stellar performances from the headline artists, impressive lighting design from Christien and excellent organization from USTA, Overland Entertainment and Fiur Productions, the inaugural Chase Sound Check concert series was considered a resounding success.

Chase Sound Check Concerts, US Open Fan Week

USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center


USTA, Fiur Productions and Overland Entertainment

Lighting Designer
Christien Methot

Daytime Programmer
Sam Llewelyn

Evening Concert Programmer
Robert Bloom

Lighting Supplier
design one lighting design

Mike Lawrence / USTA

Gear List
6 x ADJ 32 HEX Panel IP
20 x ADJ Inno Color Beam Z19
18 x Elation Professional Satura CMY Pro
12 x Elation Professional Dartz 360
12 x Elation Professional Color Chorus 72
16 x Elation Professional SIXPAR 100IP