Packing an incredible amount of LED power into a compact IP65-rated enclosure, the new ADJ 32 HEX Panel IP is a professional multi-function wash / blinder / strobe fixture. It can be used both indoors and outside, making it ideal for permanent architectural lighting installations as well as touring shows and one-off event production.

The unit features 32 x 12W HEX (6-in-1 RGBWA+UV) LEDs which allow it to generate an extremely potent wash of light in a vast pallete of different colors. These include both cool and warm white, for stage illumination, as well as UV-infused hot pink, lime green and electric blue. The inclusion of the UV element also means that the fixture can create the classic ‘black light’ effect that causes white and neon-colored surfaces to glow brightly.

32 Hex Panel IP photosThe 32 LEDs are arranged in eight individually-controllable groups of four. This allows for eye-catching multi-colored chase patterns to be created within a single unit, as well as for Pixel Zone Control when multiple units are integrated into a larger pixel-mapped lighting rig. The LEDs are flicker-free, therefore suitable for filming applications, and offer an impressive operational life of approximately 50,000 hours.

A concise 24-degree beam angle makes the fixture ideal for wall-washing and other situations where a relatively tight splash of light is required. However, the unit is also supplied with a removable frame that can be used to add a diffusion filter (sold separately) if a wider wash of light is required for a particular application.

Boasting a sleek design and an all-metal construction, the fixture is IP65-rated which means that it is sealed from dust, sand, moisture and water. It can therefore be installed permanently outdoors or used for temporary outdoor rigs, even in bad weather. The heavy duty bracket supplied with the unit is fitted with large rubber feet, allowing it to stand directly on a stage or venue floor without the risk of slipping, and it also features pre-drilled holes that allow the attachment of clamps for rigging to truss or overhead lighting bars. The bracket features a variable angle design and can be secured tightly in place at any desired angle using two large plastic locking bars.

32 Hex Panel IP photosThe 32 HEX Panel IP features IP65-rated Seetronic powerKON input and output sockets (fitted with rubber plugs), which allow the power supply for multiple units to be linked together. It is also fitted with professional 5-pin XLR DMX input and output sockets, which are also IP65-rated and supplied with rubber plugs, as well as a weatherproof 16-character backlit LCD menu screen. This is paired with four sealed push buttons which can be used to navigate an intuitive menu system that allows for easy DMX addressing as well as customization of the unit’s various operating parameters. The fixture is also compatible with the RDM (Remote Device Management) which allows its DMX address to be set remotely using a compatible controller.

A choice of DMX channel modes allows for either simple or expansive control depending on the number of control channels you have available and the type of effects you wish to create. In addition, the fixture also offers a choice of five different dimming curves as well as multiple settings for Gamma Brightness and LED Refresh Rate.

32 Hex Panel IP photosDespite its professional-caliber features and impressive output, the unit measures just 3.75” x 9” x 6.75” / 350 x 230 x 170mm, making it an inconspicuous but potent lighting tool. At 24.25 lbs. / 11kg. it is also easily portable, meaning that it is ideal for use by production companies as well as easy and convenient to install as part of a permanent venue lighting rig.

In addition to the standard model, which features a matt black finish, an all-white Pearl version is also available. The 32 HEX Panel IP Pearl not only features a fully white case, but also white fittings including the rubber feet and plastic locking bars. This makes it ideal if you work on events such as weddings where black fixtures don’t fit with the overall aesthetic. This model is also perfect for installation in church sanctuaries, which are usually decorated in light colors, and bars or lounges that have a white color scheme.

32 Hex Panel IP photosOffering a winning combination of powerful output, HEX color mixing and a compact, yet robust IP65-rated casing, the 32 HEX Panel IP is a flexible unit that is ideal for a wide variety of applications. If you want to illuminate the outside of a building, blind a festival audience or add energy to an outdoor dance event with multi-colored strobe effects – or all three – this impressive new fixture has you covered!

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