2015 marks three decades of pure lighting excitement, following ADJ’s unstoppable transformation from humble lighting supplier to innovative global presence…

Since the inception of ADJ thirty years ago, the company has been creating versatile, exciting products for the professional lighting, audio and staging industry. In fact, chances are that if you’re reading this you’ll have used any number of our products to bring something special to the gigs you play, the venues you work at or the events you produce. Because, alongside being credited for significant breakthroughs and respected across the industry, over the years we’ve built up an international reputation for uncompromised quality, innovation and affordability.

The journey began back in 1985, when current Chairman & Founder Chuck Davies established ADJ as a company supplying lighting solution to mobile entertainers locally in LA. From these modest beginnings in the mid-eighties, ADJ went through a number of technological innovations, eventually expanding into a group of five brands with the addition of Elation Professional, Acclaim Lighting, American Audio and Global Truss America/DuraTruss. This growth allowed us to diversify; producing lighting, audio and staging products for nightclubs, mobile DJs and entertainers, concert tours, bands, TV and stage, houses of worship, and more.

To mark this incredible 30-year milestone, ADJ is holding a number of events throughout 2015, the first of which took place on January 21. Aside from celebrating thirty successful years in the industry, the ADJ team wanted to give something back to its loyal customer-base. So, the day before the NAMM 2015 trade show in Anaheim, we opened the doors to our Californian HQ to host a VIP open day, giving dealers and press members an exclusive chance to see an array of new ADJ products demoed in our state-of-the-art showroom. Dealers also had the chance to order the new gear prior to its launch at NAMM, which ran from January 22-25, 2015.

Celebrations didn’t stop there, either. As well as giving you a glimpse of what ADJ has in store for you over the coming year, NAMM saw us return to our roots with three exciting additions to the rejuvenated Startec Series – the Stinger, Mini Dekker and Starburst. If you’re a DJ, band or house party host that’s just starting out, these budget-conscious effects have been designed especially with you in mind – as the ADJ team proved to excitable onlookers on the booth!

The Stinger is a compact 3-FX-in-1 LED fixture that combines a two-color (red/green) laser, a moonflower effect and an intense strobe effect, making it a perfect room-filling addition to any lightshow. Utilizing six 5W HEX colored (RGBWA+UV - red, green, blue, white, yellow & UV) LEDs and eight 3W white LEDs, the moonflower and strobe effects are incredibly bright, while the laser can scatter color across the dance-floor, bringing new levels of pure lighting excitement to any event.

Meanwhile, the Mini Dekker houses a bright light source consisting of two 10W (RGBW) LEDs, enabling you to generate quad-color beams that shoot from 48 lenses for an eye-catching display. Your lightshow can then be enhanced further with the Mini Dekker’s built-in color change, color fade and strobe settings, or by using the flexible DMX-Controlled operational mode.

The final addition to the Startec Series is the Starburst; an LED sphere effect that rotates to your music while shooting out super-sharp, multi-color beam effects. With a light source consisting of five 10W HEX (RGBWA+UV) LEDs, the Starburst provides access to a wider pallet of colors than previously possible, giving you the flexibility and creative scope to entrance your audience with unique hues and attention-grabbing effects.

Always moving forward, ADJ is committed to innovation and industry development; we’re always seeking to combine quality and affordability across all of our product ranges. This is something that will continue throughout 2015 and beyond, as technology develops and we adapt and move forward alongside it.

ADJ will continue to mark its 30-year anniversary with a whole host of events and product launches throughout the year, as we continue to push lighting forward; enabling you to create pure lighting excitement at an affordable price, wherever your work takes you!

To learn more about the new lighting fixtures in the Startec series visit:

Stinger: http://www.adj.com/stinger

Mini Dekker: http://www.adj.com/mini-dekker

Starburst: http://www.adj.com/starburst