The new 10 MXR BT from American Audio sees a traditional mixer format brought right up to date with the inclusion of wireless audio technology. Now you can play back music on your tablet or phone and stream it directly to your DJ mixer, combining it with other wired audio sources, before connecting it to your PA system.

Representing the best of both worlds, the 10 MXR BT is a powerful 10-inch analog mixer with the added benefit of wireless audio connectivity. The comprehensive mixer features three full audio channels, in addition to a dedicated mic input, along with a host of useful features and flexible input connection options.

Each of the three main audio channels features a smooth level fader and separate rotary Gain control. There are also independent rotary kill/boost controls for Bass, Mid and Treble on each channel as well as Cue selection push-buttons. This means that any combination of the three channels can be selected for headphone monitoring, which can also be switched to monitor the mixer’s main output.

Separate rotary controls are also provided for the Master and Booth outputs, while a third allows adjustment of the stereo Balance. The Master output is supplied in the form of professional balanced XLR sockets, which can be connected directly to high quality active audio systems or amplifiers. Fitted with rack ears as well as sturdy rubber feet, the 10 MXR BT is equally suited to permanent installation, mounting in a road case and use standing directly on a table.

The dedicated mic channel has a ¼” jack input socket located on the back panel and a Gain control, 2-band EQ, mute switch and Talkover push-button on the top panel. The integrated talkover function is designed to make life easier for entertainers, especially when speaking on the mic away from their booth, as it automatically reduces the music level while announcements are being made.

Each of the three main audio channels are switchable between two different sources, allowing the simultaneous connection of a total of six audio playback devices in addition to the microphone. Channels 2 and 3, which are assigned to either side of the included replaceable crossfader, can be switched between two separate stereo inputs. One of these is line-level, while the other is switchable between line- and phono-level. Channel 1 is switchable between two separate line-level inputs, one of which doubles up as the Bluetooth audio input.

Connecting a wireless audio device is simple, using the integrated Pairing button. Once connected, this allows music to be played directly from your phone or tablet, which has a whole host of potential uses. Thanks to the wide range of DJ apps now available for phones and tablets, it’s possible to easily play back and even mix music using those devices. If you’re a DJ who also acts as the emcee for events, you can now play music while away from your booth, streaming the audio directly to the 10 MXR BT. This could be particularly useful when hosting bridal party entrances, leading interactive routines or simply working the crowd from the dancefloor!

The 10 MXR BT is perfect if you’re a DJ using CD players (or vinyl decks) but could also come in handy if you DJ from a laptop with a MIDI controller that doesn’t allow the connection of a mic and other audio sources. It is also very affordable, so ideal for use as a backup mixer.

Offering an innovative combination of the tried-and-tested 10-inch 3-channel analog mixer format with the liberating wireless audio potential of wireless audio, the 10 MXR BT continues American Audio’s dedication to providing DJs with useful and affordable equipment. If you’re looking for a new DJ mixer, look no further!

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