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Guido´s Orchestra, el increíblemente popular conjunto holandés que fusiona música pop y clásica realizó su concierto anual al aire libre en Kerkrade, Holanda a finales de junio. Ya que esta ciudad es también el hogar de ADJ Europa, era apropiado que se utilizara una plataforma de iluminación que consistiera completamente de luminarias de ADJ - las cuales incluyen 186 luminarias con protección IP lanzadas recientemente - para iluminar el espectáculo que duró dos noches y contó con una variedad de artistas invitados.

Over 200 of ADJ’s 12P HEX IP IP65-rated wash fixtures, as well as a host of ADJ atmospheric effect units, are currently being used to bring to life the Nights Of The Jack Halloween experience at the King Gillette Ranch in LA.

At the recent PLASA exhibition in London, England, two growing production companies from Scotland placed a joint order for 132 ADJ AV4IP LED video panels to allow them to cross-rent between each other to cover larger events.

Guido’s Orchestra, the incredibly popular Dutch ensemble that fuses pop and classical music, performed their annual open-air concert in Kerkrade illuminated entirely by ADJ fixtures.

An expansive all-LED, all-ADJ lighting system has helped to transform a former United Methodist Church into a ‘blank canvas’ for hosting bespoke gatherings.

Doble B es el nuevo y popular club nocturno ubicado en el hotspot que atrae a un gran número de turistas en Cancún, México. Un elegante restaurante abierto desde el almuerzo y hasta la cena, para después transformarse en un bar lounge y finalmente en un club nocturno con la ayuda de más de 40 luminarias profesionales con tecnología LED de ADJ.

ADJ’s 32 HEX Panel IP LED panel and Inno Color Beam Z19 moving head fixtures featured prominently in the lighting rig for the CHASE SOUND CHECK – Concerts at the US Open.

ADJ is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its versatile new Allegro Z6 motorized linear fixture with zoom. Offering powerful output, impressive color mixing and an expansive feature set, it delivers lighting designers incredible artistic potential for creating both static looks and moving effects.

Doble B, the hottest new nightspot in the Mexican tourist trap of Cancun, features a lighting rig comprising more than 40 of ADJ’s professional LED-powered lighting fixtures.

Powerhouse Kitchen is the world’s largest mobile kitchen and features an integral AV system built around a huge pop-up LED screen constructed from ADJ’s AV4IP panels.

Items 11 to 20 of 971