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ADJ's popular COB Cannon Wash fixtures are now available with the option of a compact casing ideal for installation in venues with low ceiling heights, for use as stage footlights and for mobile applications where storage or transportation space is limited.

Having previously been distributed by sister company Elation Professional as the 4Cast DMX Bridge, ADJ is pleased to announce that the 4 Stream DMX Bridge is now available as a logical next step up to the popular ADJ Airstream DMX Bridge. 

Following the success of the Entour Faze atmospheric generator, ADJ is pleased to introduce the new Entour Faze Jr. This extremely compact and affordable machine generates a thin hazy mist that is ideal for accentuating the beams of a lightshow.

The FR20 DTW is an incredibly compact, yet surprisingly potent, wash fixture that is ideal for a wide variety of stage, theatre and commercial applications where space is limited. It is the most recent addition to ADJ’s popular Encore range of LED-powered stage lighting.

ADJ is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new Encore Burst 200 professional audience blinder/strobe unit. This cutting-edge fixture combines the power-saving and long life benefits of an LED light source with the classic blinder effect in a flexible modular weatherproof case design.

ADJ is excited to announce the immediate availability of its ground-breaking new Entour Ice tour-grade low-lying fog machine.

ADJ is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its innovative new Par Z Move lighting fixture. Building on the success of the existing Par Z range of zooming pars powered by COB LEDs, the new model takes this concept to the next level by incorporating a moving head base.

Expanding ADJ’s Saber Spot range of compact LED-powered pin spot fixtures, the new Saber Spot Go gives users the freedom to position the unit anywhere a beam of colored light is required thanks to its internal rechargeable battery and wireless DMX receiver.

ADJ is proud to announce the immediate availability of the new 32 HEX Panel IP and 32 HEX Panel IP Pearl. These truly flexible high power LED fixtures offer multi-function wash, blinder or strobe operation from a compact IP-rated unit.

ADJ Lighting will be hitting the road this spring with four new ADJ Road Tour dates from April to June 2018, with more dates to follow, to demo their latest lighting, audio and video technologies.

Items 31 to 40 of 738