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Building on the success of the original Ultra Bar series of linear LED wash fixtures, we’re pleased to now be able to introduce the new and improved ADJ UB Series. Taking the same compact form as their predecessors, as well as inheriting all of their innovative features, the UB fixtures feature brighter LEDs as well as a hugely increased spectrum of colors.

The original Profile Panel RGB has been one of ADJ’s best-selling products for almost an entire decade. Combining an array of low-power LEDs with a flexible casing design and an affordable price tag, the fixture has proved popular for all kinds of stage, dancefloor and décor lighting applications. However, here at ADJ we are committed to continually improving our product range, which is why we are now pleased to introduce the new and improved Profile Panel RGBA.

Strands of festoon lights crisscrossing a party space, whether indoors or under the stars, is a classic look that dates back almost to the discovery of electricity! Subtle globes of light strung across a ballroom or terrace help to create a casual and intimate setting, bringing down the ceiling height indoors or creating an ‘open ceiling’ at outdoor events. ADJ’s new Color Strand LED takes this vintage look to the next level with the use of modern quad color LEDs to allow a wide variety of effects to be created.

One of ADJ’s best-selling products over recent years is undoubtedly the Inno Pocket Spot. This lightweight, compact, and incredibly affordable fixture brought moving head lighting effects within the budget of many mobile entertainers and small venues for whom this type of lighting had previously been unattainable. Now we are pleased to announce the next evolution in small-format, low-cost moving head fixtures, the ADJ Pocket Pro. Building on the success of its predecessor, this new ground-breaking fixture offers increased brightness and the addition of interchangeable GOBOs with only a slight increase in size and weight, and NO increase in retail price!

Ultraviolet light, or black light as it is sometimes known, has been used to enhance parties, clubs and other entertainment venues for decades. It’s luminescent effect on both white and fluorescent clothes, signs and decorations means that it is a simple but effective way of creating an exciting atmosphere. The most popular, and also most affordable, way to create the effect has always been UV tubes and ADJ’s 24” and 48” fixtures are consistent best sellers. However, UV tubes are delicate and, even if handled carefully, have a limited operational life which means periodic replacement is required. That’s why here at ADJ we are pleased to introduce our next generation of UV tube fixtures, the UVLED 24 and UVLED 48.

Popular in nightlife venues since the psychedelic ‘60s, black light effects are just as prevalent at today’s parties and concerts. These days, however, the dazzling effect of UV light shining on white or fluorescent materials can be created using the latest LED technology instead of the fragile lamps of the past. What’s more, using ADJ’s brand new UV 72IP, these effects can now be created outdoors in any weather.

Road cases are a shrewd investment for a number of reasons. They protect your valuable equipment while it is being moved from event to event, extending its working life and preventing cosmetic damage such as dents and scratches. They also help to keep equipment clean, providing a barrier to dust during storage, as well as making it easier to carry, transport and store. However, when it comes to battery-powered fixtures, cases can also cause an inconvenience. Having to un-pack fixtures in order to charge them before loading them back up ready for your next gig is a chore that no-doubt you’d love to ditch. That’s where ADJ’s new Wi Flight Case comes in.

Up-lighting is a fantastic way to transform any venue for a party. Swathes of richly-saturated light, matched to an event’s color scheme, shooting up the walls on every side of an event space can truly have a stunning impact. However, neatly running out power and DMX cords to a room full of fixtures can be a time-consuming and awkward process. That’s where ADJ’s stylish new range of battery-powered units equipped with wireless DMX receivers come in. The Element Series is a collection of four different LED fixtures that have all been specifically designed for use in up-lighting.

Over 10 years ago, ADJ innovated in the low-fog market by introducing Mister Kool. This pioneering product used ice cubes to cool regular fog so that it hugged the ground mimicking the popular ‘dry ice’ effect, but without the need for costly and difficult-to-handle CO2. Mister Kool proved popular for a wide variety of applications and was one of the ADJ range’s long-standing bestsellers. Now we’re pleased to introduce the next generation of our affordable low-fog generator, the Mister Kool II, which offers the same impressive effect but with increased output. Just add regular ice and water based fog juice and you're ready to ROCK!

There are lots of circumstances where a portable PA could come in handy. Perhaps you’re an emcee in need of a pop-up microphone system for outdoor events? Or maybe a musician looking to amplify your sound for busking or impromptu shows? Or even a DJ looking for a way to play music for cocktail hours hosted outdoors away from mains power sockets? Maybe you just want to play tunes at a pool party, picnic or backyard boogie. The brand new ELS 8GO LTW from American Audio is the perfect solution for all of these situations, offering a compact and feature-packed portable audio system with an extremely affordable price tag.

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