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ADJ’s myDMX lighting control software is used to operate the rigs in all kinds of entertainment venues across the globe and is also a popular choice for mobile entertainers looking to make the most of their portable light show. The key to the success of myDMX is its simplicity; it makes powerful DMX control easy as well as affordable. Now, with the introduction of our new MyDMX-RM interface, ADJ is expanding the boundaries of what can be achieved with the myDMX eco system by opening up a variety of new possibilities for both fixed installations and mobile lighting systems.

ADJ’s popular Event Facade has been upgraded with an even more compact design. As with it’s predecessor, the new Event Facade II is available in two versions: the Event Facade II BL, which has a black frame, and the Event Facade II WH, which has a white frame.

The original DP-415 dimmer pack has been a staple of the ADJ range for more than a decade. Offering a cost effective DMX dimming solution for use with PAR cans, pin spots and other stage lighting fixtures, it has proved to be a reliable workhorse for mobile entertainers and performers as well as for fixed installations in a wide variety of performance spaces. The new DP-415R retains the concept of the original – a low-cost, compact and flexible dimmer – but improves on it with new features and functions that make it even more versatile and easy to use.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an AVL technician, mobile entertainer or integrator a reliable power supply for all your equipment is essential to ensure every performance goes off without a hitch. That’s why the team at ADJ have developed the POW-R BAR65, a pro-grade power utility block designed to supply safe, reliable electricity to all your gear.

The ADJ Pro Event IBeam is an innovative new accessory that allows an aesthetically pleasing and robustly practical lighting goalpost to be easily added to any ADJ Pro Event Table. This provides an overhead truss that can be used to mount a wide variety of lighting fixtures, effects and accessories, transforming the Pro Event Table into a complete audio/visual control station that is ideal for mobile entertainers as well as other sound and lighting professionals.

Expanding our extremely popular Vizi Series of professional-caliber moving heads, ADJ is very excited to be able to introduce the new Vizi Wash Pro, our most powerful wash fixture to date. Offering a whole host of advanced features and effects as well as an incredibly potent and efficient LED-based light engine, this unique fixture is ideal for a wide variety of applications. If you’re a lighting designer working on one-off events or touring productions, this easily portable fixture is ideal for generating rich washes as well as vivid beams of color. Equally, if you’re looking for a reliable and flexible workhorse for permanent installation in a large venue of any kind – be it a nightclub, music venue, church or theater – the Vizi Wash Pro has the output and feature set to meet even the most demanding of requirements.

Following the success of the original RGBW and WW models, the ADJ Saber Spot range is expanding with the addition of the Saber Spot DTW. Featuring the same combination of potent light-source and compact casing that have made the other units so popular, the new model offers a wider beam angle as well as an innovative ‘dim to warm’ effect that emulates the dimming profile of traditional halogen lamps.

In some situations lighting fixtures are required to blend into the background; to draw attention to whatever they are illuminating, not to themselves. However, in other circumstances the fixtures themselves may become part of the esthetic design of a stage set or venue installation. This is where the brand new ADJ PAR ZP100 3K fits in, with it’s eye catching polished metallic finish and potent 100W LED light-source.

When it comes to lighting equipment, it’s often true that you can have any color as long as it’s black! But sometimes a black fixture just isn’t appropriate, which is why we’re now offering all-white Pearl models of our best-selling Element HEXIP wireless uplighter and Pocket Pro compact moving head.

When we launched the AV Series a few years ago, ADJ disrupted the LED video panel market by introducing a product – the AV6 – that had the brightness and resolution to make a serious impact at a price point that made LED video wall technology accessible for users and applications where it had previously been cost prohibitive. Since then the AV Series has expanded to include the high resolution AV3 and weatherproof AV4IP, expanding your options for affordable and reliable LED video panels. However, at ADJ, we’re always looking to push the boundaries to provide even more creative tools to our customers, which is why we are very proud to introduce our new range of LED video panels, the innovative Design Series.

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