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The American Audio MXR Series offers DJs the tactile feel and operation of a traditional DJ mixer while playing and controlling music from software on their computer.
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The American Audio MXR Series offers DJs the tactile feel and operation of a traditional DJ mixer while playing and controlling music from software on their computer.

The 14 MXR is a 4-Channel MIDILOG™ Mixer with Midi/Analog control, built-in DSP D-Core Sound Card with 4-In/4-Out audio interface, Balanced XLR Outputs, MIDI Navigation Controls and user assignable control buttons to make it easy to customize and play your music.



• 14-inch, 4-Channel MIDILOG™ Mixer (compatible with any “Midi Learn” Software or Analog Inputs – such as CD Players, Turntables, etc.)

• Inputs: 4 Line, 2 Phono, 2 Mic

• 20 On-board Midi Control Buttons (Mapable) 

MIDI interface (USB MIDI I/O)

• Built-in DSP D-Core™ Sound Card with 4-In/4-Out audio interface

• Controller Mode: When activated USB output streams are routed through master and headphone outputs

• Balanced XLR Outputs

• 3-Band EQ with Rotary Kills (Treble, Mid & Bass) 

• Midi Navigation Controls to allow easy software navigation of your music library

• Crossfader Curve Adjustment

• Crossfader Channel Assign

• Master, Booth, Headphone Level & Mix Controls

• Microphone Volume Control, Talkover + 3-Band EQ (Treble, Mid & Bass)

• Low/High Pass Filter with Bandwidth Control per channel

• 10 segment VU meter

• Audio inputs: RCA

• Microphone inputs: 2x Balanced ¼”/XLR Combo

• Headphone input: ¼” Stereo

• Multi-voltage operation: AC 100V~240V 50/60Hz

• Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.25”x13.75”x 3.5” / 356x320x85mm

• Weight: 10 lbs. / 4.5 kg.





The following downloads are available for this product:

Title Description
14MXR User Manual Download
ASIO Drivers 1.22 Download
14MXR Virtual DJ LE MAC v7.3 14MXR Virtual DJ LE - MAC - Version 7.3 Download
14MXR Virtual DJ LE PC v7.3 14MXR Virtual DJ LE - PC - Version 7.3 Download


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to send us your questions by clicking here.

When i attempt to use the DVS functionality with this mixer (and Virtual DJ) mine seems to not work properly, its as if both of my turn tables only control Deck A. Not only that but it also drops my audio quality, is there a solution to this?

Please contact Support at 800-322-6337 so we may go over your settings and computer settings.

I use vdj and it only shows mixer [14-mxr] in controller mode and therefore cannot use timecoded vinyl. I've had this mixer for about a year using TCV with no issues, i've checked all settings and nothing changed can someone help with this issue please, Thank you!

Call us at 800-322-6337 M-F 8am to 4:30 PST  for a walk through. Our tech support team will assist you.

I cannot get the 14MXR working properly with VDJ 8. It works fine using the program that came with the mixer. I have a fader issue on both the cross and volume levels. 3/4 fade on the crossfader to deck two cuts out both channels. volumes on both channel one and two must be up in order to get sound on one channel. The deck selection knob seems to not recognize which channel I'm using. Just some of the items I am experiencing.

Please call us at 800-322-6337. Please have the unit in front of you when you call. Were open M-F 8am to 4:30pm PST.

When I use VDJ 7/8, deck 2 can not be heard through my speakers. I can hear it through the headphones via cue. I have tried almost all the configurations in the settings. This is when I am playing music via the computer. When using my turntables, not timecoded, I can hear everything. Please help

The 14MXR offers two sound card modes, Controller Mode and Mixer mode. Each mode requires different sound configuration in the Virtual DJ software. Please make sure that you're setup for the correct mode.  

See page 4 and 5 of the user guide for proper settings. 


When using Virtual DJ are both Master and Booth outputs working, or only Master? 

The master output and booth output are both active, but they have independent volume control.