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ADJ's Majestic LED display is the ideal lighting fixture for the razor sharp beams of light that you have been searching for. This product is great for and aerial effect over crowds of people or to be projected on a wall, ceiling or floor. Have tons of fun with the Majestic LED.
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American DJ's Majestic LED has radiant LED DMX-512 Moonflower lighting that projects 184 colorful and sharp beams of light. ADJ's Majestic LED also has built-in sound active programs to rock the night away with it's three operational modes and a strobe function. There are no worries about annoying duty cycles so you can party all night long with no hassle. Give your music new life when you use the sound active function. The razor sharp red, green, and blue beams of light cover large areas which is great for aerial effects over a crowed! ADJ's Majestic LED has an easy to use 4 button LED DMX display and is compatible with the UC3 remote control. So think about how great this product will be at your party with long lasting LEDs and with no hassles of duty cycles, it is a no brainier!       



  •  LED DMX-512 Moonflower that projects 184 razor sharp Red, Green & Blue Beams
  •  Great for aerial effects over a crowd or projected on a wall, ceiling or floor
  •  184 total 5mm LEDs : 64 Red, 60 Green and 60 blue 
  •  2 DMX Channel Modes (2 Channel mode or 8 Channel mode)
  •  4-Button LED DMX Display
  •  Linkable via XLR connections
  •  Wide beam spread covers a large area
  •  3 operation modes: DMX, Sound Active & Master/Slave
  •  Sound active from built-in programs
  •  Strobe function
  •  Beam angle: 56 degrees
  •  Runs extremely cool! - No Duty Cycles! - Run all night!
  •  Includes hanging bracket
  •  Power Consumption: 19W maximum
  •  Extreme long lifetime of the LEDs (100,000 hr. rating)
  •  In/Out IEC power connections to daisy-chain power
  •  Multi-voltage Operation: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  •  1/4” input for optional American DJ UC3 remote control (sold separately)
  •  Dimensions (LxWxH): 21.5”x8.5”x7.75” / 542x215x194mm
  •  Weight: 12 lbs. / 5.1 kg.





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