Light Bridge System

The Light Bridge System is a portable triangle steel truss system rated for a max weight of 300 pounds. Includes 2x Light Bridge Steel Crank Stands and 2x sections of 5' Light Bridge steel truss
Advantage Points: 350

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Don't risk damaging your top-quality lighting effects by mounting them on unstable, inferior equipment! With ADJ's Light Bridge System, you can rest assured that your favorite fixtures are held fast with high quality equipment that won't sag or break. This high tech, portable triangle steel truss system in rated up to a maximum weight of 300 pounds, meaning it will support even your heaviest of lighting fixtures with ease!

This package deal includes 2x Light Bridge Crank Stands, which let you mount everything BEFORE raising them up to their final height, and 2x Light Bridge 5 foot sections of steel truss. 





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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to send us your questions by clicking here.

What is the maximum length can be achieved? or how many 5' section can be combined for a light duty use? Thanks

THe Mazximum is 15" or 3 sections.

Is there a maximum weight for a single fixture? If the whole unit holds approximately 300 pounds, can it hold a 30 or 40 pound centerpiece fixture, for example? Thank you!

There is an aggregate weight total of actually 264 LBS. so you could hang 264 from the center if you wished.The unit does not have tubing but solid bar stock.

I notice that the Dura Clamp is only rated for 20#. Is there a clamp that is rated for higher weight and works with the Dura Truss System?

The Dura Truss System was designed to load product from the BASE of the triangle and not the support bars. Anything more than 20LB has to be hung from the bottom of the truss.

What are the measurements of each of the 3 sides of the truss sections and the diameter of the three main horizontal poles?

Hello Barny,

Thank you for reaching out to us. The measurements are 5 1/2 inches apart. Let me know if you have any further questions.


I'm trying to span 25 feet. Could extra distance be covered with additional crank stands as well as additional truss sections?

Hello John, 

We are do not recommed going 25 feet across. This system is only designed to go 10 feet across. Let me know if you have any further questions.


Where/is there a serial number for this truss system on the product?

This item is not serialized. If you're trying to register this product, simply leave that section black or enter an X if the field is required. 

I understand I can add a 5' section to my existing truss. can I order a single truss section from you?

This part is no longer available. 

How or where i can buy aditional parts of it just in case i lose any of it