LED Color Ball

The LED Color Ball is an affordable color changing ball that consumes very little power, and generates no heat. ADJ's LED Color Ball has 15 exciting LED Colors including white to make an awesome glowing effect. It is made to last with long life LED Technology.
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From birthday parties and night clubs to holiday lighting and mobile entertainers, ADJ's Color LED Ball is one of thoes products that have many uses. With it’s low power consumption and the fact that it generates no heat, it would be a perfect product to use as an architectural light or for decoration in a room. Each Ball includes an inferred wireless remote to change the colors. The Color LED Ball lighting effect remote is very easy-to-use with is manual or auto color changing color changing options. The LED Color Ball has bright LEDs that are rated for 100,000 hours. ADJ's LED Color Ball basically pays for its self over time so why wait, get yours today.



  •  6-inch/ 150mm LED Color Ball
  •  Long Life LED Technology - No need to change bulbs
  •  100,000 Long Life LED Technology
  •  15 Exciting LED Colors plus White
  •  Each unit includes one easy-to-use wireless remote to control: Manual Color Change; Auto Color Change; Flash; On/Off
  •  Includes AC Power Supply
  •  Dimensions (LxWxH): 6”x6”x6.25” / 155x155x160mm
  • Weight: 2 lbs. / 1kgs.





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