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Amaze your audience with the Sound Active scanning light effects of the Electra LED from ADJ. With its low weight, long life and low power consumption you'll save money while dazzling crowds wherever you go with its rich, saturated colors in a Moonflower pattern.
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LED lighting is the future of light entertainment. Able to produce outputs similar to those of a 250W halogen lamps, LED lighting systems create a quality show at a fraction of the power draw. The Electra LED stands high in this regard with its use of Red, Green, and Blue lighting in a fantastic Moonflower pattern. Bring your party to the next level with the  Electra LED, and save money from it's low power draw, long life, and affordable price! With its low weight and size you'll be able to create a lightshow that is sure to get people dancing anywhere you need to go. The Electra LED from ADJ offers superb quality for its entire life so you can liven up peoples nights with LED lights for years to come.



  • LED Scanning Mirrored Moonflower with sharp Red, Green & Blue high output colored beams 
  •  46 total LEDs: 16 Red, 15 Green & 15 Blue 
  •  Output similar to a 250W Halogen lamps (based on visual side-by-side comparison with halogen fixtures) 
  •  Produces LED patterns that can be projected on a dance floor or wall 
  •  Wide beam spread covers a large area 
  •  Sound active from built-in programs 
  •  High output with new lens technology 
  •  Very low power consumption 
  •  Extreme long lifetime of the LEDs (100,000 hr. rating) 
  •  Includes hanging bracket 
  •  Dimensions (LxWxH): 17”x 8”x 9” / 432x203x229mm 
  •  Weight: 5 lbs. / 2.4 kgs.





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