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The Inno Pocket Beam Q4 from ADJ uses flexible movement and compact power to create impressive fast-moving mid-air color beam effects from an incredibly small Moving Head fixture.

Insightful product demos, first-rate educational content and a star-studded party – just a taste of what ADJ has in store for visitors at the upcoming Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas…

ADJ’s advanced new barrel-mirror scanner, the Zipper, utilizes versatile four-in-one effects, innovative movement and unrivaled portability, offering users a convenient and affordable new solution for breathing life into venues and mobile lightshows.

Generating out-of-this-world dual effects from one compact source, the Inno Pocket Fusion builds on the successes of the Inno Pocket series with a versatile new fixture that fuses bright LED beams and intense laser effects for unparalleled results.

The release of the 12P Hex sees ADJ hold on to the unique ‘lie-flat’ design and wide beam angle of the flexible 5P Hex, but enhance its color wash effects with an incredibly powerful LED light source powered by twelve separate 12-watt hex LEDs.

With gravity-defying vertical blasts, in-built LED lighting effects and super-efficient technology, ADJ’s game-changing Fog Fury Jett sees the company launching its fog machines into a new dimension.

ADJ’s latest LED Par & Linear fixtures use powerful LED sources, five colors plus UV and patent-pending ‘lie flat’ designs to offer versatile, affordable uplighting and stage washing solutions.

With two independently-controlled moving heads, separate color/GOBO wheels and a capacity for show-stopping dual-beam effects, ADJ’s new Inno Pocket Spot Twins will leave audiences seeing double… in a good way!

Celebrating its 30th anniversary and exhibiting a new range of innovative products with a show-stealing lighting display, ADJ hints at the year ahead and gives visitors plenty to talk about at NAMM 2015…

2015 marks three decades of pure lighting excitement, following ADJ’s unstoppable transformation from humble lighting supplier to innovative global presence…

Items 1 to 10 of 556 total