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ADJ will use the upcoming LDI entertainment technology show as the perfect platform for debuting more than 25 innovative new products.

ADJ’s hybrid fog and haze machine offers room-filling, evenly spread ‘faze’ effects for a portable, affordable alternative to over-powering fog and expensive haze.

ADJ Lighting has just announced three dates for their upcoming New Products Showcase and Live Learning Seminar events in the metro New York City area.

Uniting lighting and audio products, ADJ’s new website offers sleek design, smart layout and engaging news content.

Affordable ADJ VF Series Fog & Snow Machines Create Ideal Canvas for Exhilarating Effects

Always striving for progress, ADJ pushed the LED Revolution to new heights with its Inno Roll LED and Inno Scan LED fixtures, offering users unique mirrored scanners with huge 50-watt LED sources to power them.

Spinning Into a New Dimension: ADJ's Vortex 1200 combines classic effects and innovative 360-degree rotation to bring new looks to all lightshows  As a classic element of lightshows for mobile DJ set-ups, small clubs and bars, the moonflower effect remains popular with users and audiences alike - and ADJ's Vortex 1200 is a unique, updated version.

Create More Wow On Less Juice! ADJ's Inno Beam LED Offers Power and Versatility with Low Draw While Still Offering Breathtaking Effects  Displaying its ability to innovate in the area of LED lighting technology, ADJ's Inno Beam LED is an extremely powerful and highly versatile new Moving Head fixture which takes high-power/low-consumption lighting to the next level.

Meet the Hex-pert: ADJ's Versatile Ultra HEX Par 3 Provides Quality Color across the Board with 6-in-1 HEX LED  The latest highly-adaptable product from ADJ is the Ultra HEX Par 3; an LED Par fixture which produces wide washes in an almost-infinite range of rich, vibrant colors, thanks to an expert combination of three 10W 6-in-1 HEX LEDs and 63 built-in color macros.

ADJ Lighting Announces "Tag It With Light" Light Bombing Video Contest  ADJ Lighting announces that they are hosting a fun YouTube video contest with video guru, Brian S.

Items 1 to 10 of 540 total