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ADJ will continue its celebration of 30 Years of Pure Lighting Excitement by demonstrating three innovative new products at this month’s InfoComm 2015 in Orlando, Florida.

Compact, battery-operated and available in all-white, tri-white and quad-color, ADJ’s new PinPoint GO series provides a range of versatile new pinspotting solutions that let users enhance the atmosphere of their events like never before.

A compact, lightweight fixture with a capacity for stunning super-bright effects, ADJ’s powerful new Dotz Par 100 utilizes advanced COB LED technology, ultra-wide beam angles and built-in color macros, letting users take their lightshows to the next level…

While its predecessor provided powerful wide washes of colored lighting, ADJ’s new Mega Par Profile Plus – which also comes in convenient, one-bag packages – lets users infuse these color effects with potent UV for game-changing end results.

Prolight + Sound 2015 will see ADJ launch three brand new products, each featuring a different innovation, as the company continues to mark its 30th anniversary.

ADJ builds on its budget-conscious Startec Series with the release of a futuristic new moonflower effect called the Jelly Gressor, which offers out-of-this-world dual effects – from one compact source – at a down-to-earth price.

The Inno Pocket Beam Q4 from ADJ uses flexible movement and compact power to create impressive fast-moving mid-air color beam effects from an incredibly small Moving Head fixture.

Insightful product demos, first-rate educational content and a star-studded party – just a taste of what ADJ has in store for visitors at the upcoming Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas…

ADJ’s advanced new barrel-mirror scanner, the Zipper, utilizes versatile four-in-one effects, innovative movement and unrivaled portability, offering users a convenient and affordable new solution for breathing life into venues and mobile lightshows.

Generating out-of-this-world dual effects from one compact source, the Inno Pocket Fusion builds on the successes of the Inno Pocket series with a versatile new fixture that fuses bright LED beams and intense laser effects for unparalleled results.

Items 1 to 10 of 562 total